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Scales Electonic Weight Machine

Scales Electonic Weight Machine

  • $ 21.00

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High quality and cigarette case design.
Weighing scale: 100g × 0.01g.
Easy to carry and can be used anytime and anywhere.
Digital LED display and easy to read.
Weighing modes: g / oz / ozt / dwt
Powered by 1 CR2032 Batteries (included)
Cigarette Case size: 8.9*5.5*2.3 cm
Platform Dimension: 7.0 * 4.5cm

Package included:
1 x  Case Digital Pocket Scale
1 x User manual

1.Never load the scale with more than the maximum capacity.Overloading will permanently damage it!
2.Avoid any exposure to extreme heat or cold.
3.Keep your scale in a clean environment.Dust,dirt,moisture,vibration,air currents and a close distance

   to other electronic equipment can,all cause an adverse effect on the reliability and accuracy of your

4.Avoid shaking,dropping or otherwise shocking the scale.