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Hand Lid Opener


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This universal opener is designed to accommodate almost any jar in your kitchen. It's fully compatible with lids from one to four inches in diameter, so you can easily open soda bottles, medicine containers, pickle jars, or pasta sauce with the same effortless speed. A thick rubbery layer on the inside grips tightly to metal or plastic tops, and allows you to twist them off without slipping or sliding. The durable handle is made from a high quality plastic, and the long length provides increased leverage so you can apply the force necessary to open stubborn containers without straining. Four different openings will each adapt to a variety of lid sizes, and with no adjustment necessary, you will find it quick and simple to choose the one that fits. Simply grip and twist to make it work, and never worry about weak hands, or stuck tops. The wide grip is extremely comfortable to hold, and because your effort is multiplied, you will never have to struggle to access the contents of any container. This tool makes a great addition to any kitchen, but it is particularly useful for elderly folks, children, people with arthritis, and anyone with a disability that would make this everyday task difficult.

Includes: (1) Easy Twist Jar Opener
Dimensions 9" x 3.75"
Compatibility Works with lids up to 4" in diameter.
Color Varies
Inner Material TPR (rubber)
Outer Material Durable Plastic
Uses Open jars the fast and easy way. Achieve a secure grip, and increase turning force to make any top twist off with ease.
Ergonomic Design Yes.
Integrated Finger Grips Yes
Washable Yes
Adaptable Yes. Each opening flexes to work with a variety of lids.

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