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Guitar Picks Set

Guitar Picks Set

Guitar Picks

  • $ 4.59

Picks Details

  • Material: Made of excellent quality ABS plastic, light weight, extremely durable, and pleasing to your fingers
  • Style: Smooth surface and easy to carry, various colors and standard size
  • Thickness: Mix 0.58/0.71/0.81/0.96/1.20/1.50 (mm), send in Random
  • Color: Multi color as shown in photo, send in Random
  • Suitable: Acoustic Folk Electric Guitar Bass

Box Details

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Box Dimensions: 132mm * 68mm * 23mm
  • Grid Dimensions: 24mm * 32mm * 23mm adjustable

Package includes

1x Box

40x assorted Guitar Picks