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Who is WSD-WNN's newsie, Kilroy?

Posted by Bonh Ayxa on

Kilroy is an independent press member. Seeking to cover the same views and goals of both WorldStoreDeals and World News Network. Those views are universal to each man, woman and child. Kilroy and WNN seek to shatter the idea of what is "main stream" news. The trifecta of the three understand that most western news channels employ disinformation and fear to control the people. The idea is to recreate an even playing field. One not dictated by fear or misinformation but rather intelligent truth and actionable advice.Kilroy was approached by us and later found to be an invaluable asset to the WSD-WNN team. Please feel free to Subscribe to both WNN and Kilroys YouTube Channels to see the uncensored unedited truth behind the lie.

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